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Change Your Behaviour To Lose Weight

For effective weight loss consistency is king… And you won’t get consistency without effective results because you’ll get bored, disheartened and give up. Does that sound familiar? If so let me tell you why many people’s weight loss ambitions and over-promised slimming results result in yo-yo weight gain and frustration!

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food and mood diary for effective weight loss

Eat With Emotion And Instinct

I love food. Do you? I especially love the foods that I get to eat on social occasions. When I think about it, my life very often revolves around food and I’m guessing that this is the case for most of us. Read on to explore your relationship with food and how you can achieve…

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Effective Weight Loss

21 Health Risks Of Excessive Body Fat

Before I start on the specific health risks of being over weight, or more specifically excessive body fat, I want to tell you a story about my own health, to show you that whoever you may be, gaining body fat may not be your fault, and that if you take action today (not tomorrow!!) you…

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Vitamin D Supplement For Effective Weight Loss And Health

Nutrition For Weight Loss In 5 Steps

I am often being asked about which supplements are best to take to lose weight. My response is variable depending on what the persons goal is, what point they are at within the health and fitness cycle, and whether their nutritional intake from real food is being met. Effective weight loss can mean different things…

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Detox For Effective Weight Loss | Fruit And Veg | Online Personal Training

Why Fibre Is Essential For Weight Loss And Health

So what is fibre? Fibre is indigestible plant material e.g. cellulose and is sometimes described as a non-starch polysaccharide. This basically means it is a calorie free carbohydrate. Humans lack the necessary digestive enzymes or specially designed stomachs to break down fibre so it passes through our digestive tracts pretty much unchanged. Ironically, it is…

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